29 Apr 2008

My Garden Hedgehog

Out for an afternoon stroll in my garden,today
29-4-2008 at 13-15 hrs

27 Apr 2008

Hares at Elmley

Love is in the air, her suiter waits patiently.

26 Apr 2008

Two Hares at Elmley

His amorous attentions did not impress this female, this was a chance shot from my car and was taken at Elmley on the 23-4-2008

Egret at Elmley

This pleasing shot of an Egret to me almost resembles a Japanese watercolour painting,
taken 23-4-08 midday.

22 Apr 2008

Emerging Caterpillars

These emerging caterpillars are on my conference pear tree, not very good at the identification of caterpillars, I will apply a name if somebody supplies it.....

Shield Bugs

Mating Shield Bugs, I have always called them by the name shield bug, but they probably have a more ornate name apart from the latin, perhaps someone can enlighten me.....

A Red Kite.

I would liked to have said I took this shot in Kent, but in fact it was Wales, although sightings of this bird are increasingly more common, who knows, perhaps twenty years hence it may be possible, although doubtful I would be taking any shots.

Yellow Wagtail

This was taken at RSPB Elmley last year, I have only seen one so far this year.

A Marsh Frog

This was taken at Oare a few days ago.

Standing into the wind

This was taken at Harty ferry it came and perched seven feet away while I was having a break and eating my sandwiches, the Robin also found my lunch most agreeable.


Taken at Elmley recently.

13 Apr 2008

Amorous female

The male's turn for the headache, he displayed complete lack of interest.

Amorous avocets.


This bird is carrying a ring on the right leg, the colour of the ring is bronze, I do not know who to approach regarding the rings ID.
Does anybody else?

8 Apr 2008

Avocet's at Elmley

The avocets at Elmley are well into pairing off mode some have already picked suitable nest sites, quite a lot of aggression being shewn to Ringed Plovers and Redshank, even the Shovelers and Shellduck were under attack.

Hare's at Elmley

Visit to Harty and RSPB Elmley
7-4-08 five marsh harriers in the large field opposite the viewing mound, two were displaying.
Three Hare's seen and acting very skittish they all seemed to be very active following scent trails.

5 Apr 2008

Can anyone help

I photographed this spider in my garden last year, I am at a loss as to its identity, it was very aggressive as you can see, in its grasp is a small bee, it even reared up at my finger when held a couple of inches away.

Long Eared Owl

This was last year adjacent to Wellmarsh hide, RSPB Elmley, Isle of Sheppey, what appears to be sky is in fact water as the Owl was sitting on the post which is only twelve inches above the dyke, so my angle of take was about thirty five degrees, this event occurred at midday in June and was very warm. the Owl allowed me about twenty shots before making a leisurely exit, stage right.

4 Apr 2008


Redshank at Elmley 3-4-08


Avocets in mating mood, taken at Elmley yesterday 3-4-08

2 Apr 2008

Hunting Marsh Harrier

A good view of a hunting Marsh Harrier, taken adjacent to the Raptor Viewpoint at Harty last year, 2007

Kestrel and second hand nest

A chance encounter with a kestrel which seemed to be flying round and checking out this old nest, it obviously never made the standard as the bird flew off and never returned.
Taken on the Harty Ferry road last year 2007.

Grey Heron and Marsh Frog

A series of about eleven shots of a heron with a rather large marsh frog, not a native species.

Taken at Oare, Faversham, last year 2007.