30 Aug 2010

In a hurry Wren

B.T. Godwits at OARE

Black Tailed Godwit at Oare.

Dunlin at Oare

29 Aug 2010

The Great British Butterfly Count 2010 Published in The Daily Mail

  • Some of the winners in the big Butterfly Count: SMALL TORTOISESHELL Revived after numbers fell dramatically due to attacks by parasite. GATEKEEPER Fared especially well in cities. SIX-SPOT BURNET MOTH Doing well in England, Wales, the Scottish coasts and the Outer Hebrides. MEADOW BROWN Normally abun­dant, but mysteriously did badly in the count. And the losers: HUMMING-BIRD HAWK-MOTH Thought to have done well In its migration from Europe and North Africa this summer, but only 643 were spotted putting it in 26th place. HIGH BROWN FRITILLARY reduced to 50 colonies in England after a 79% decline over the last 25 years Despite positive results overall, the Butterfly Conservation Group, which ran the survey,warned that the situation remains dire, with 70% of British species in decline and half threatened with extinction

28 Aug 2010


All of you bird lovers who care about wildlife should take a look at this site, and see what the people create that do not care, take a moment and look at the pictures.

15 Aug 2010

Oare 13-8-2010 Click to see large.

This was Oare, Nr Faversham on Friday, Midday, there was a huge flock of Black Tailed Godwits along with good numbers of other waders, including a nice showing of Dunlin and Turnstone, quite enjoying myself until the rain came and it dropped it.
I am told that the world population of Black Tailed Godwits according to the rspb is 15000 there must be at least 2000 on this pool.
These pictures I took at the garden centre on the A20 just out of Maidstone before having a pleasant drive through Painters Forstal, Throwley and then through to Oare.


13 Aug 2010

Hi Ron, nice to have had a chat, and will put round that you build moth traps and bird feeders, how about nest boxes? This picture was taken just before we met.



A few of my birds are now returning to the feeder, probable reason for the absence, plenty of wild food plus the breeding season with parental responsibilities.

11 Aug 2010

Apt words that inspired this picture..

I would like to be able to say that this text is mine, it isn't, but I would dearly love to shake the hand of the person who made this quote. The picture is mine but with a few modifications, any idea of the location that I took this picture? Ken should know!

Disgusting sight

This is where I park my car on occasions, it's on the Hoo Peninsular, and looking up the Thames, this is a regular spot for fly tipping which, we as rate payers are obliged to pay for the cleanup, personally I would like to fill the truck or van that dumped it with concrete, with a topping of raw sewage. Forgot to say, with the person in it!

9 Aug 2010

A Dor Beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius)

One of two that were in my moth trap.The Dor Beetle is another cumbersome looking beetle which,lacking any semblance of aerodynamics, still manages to fly quite successfully.('dor' was an old word for 'drone') which is the noise this beetle makes when trying to keep aloft and can be heard ten metres in distance.

8 Aug 2010

Black tailed Godwits

A couple of pictures of BT Godwits in flight, they are one of my favorite birds

A Pebble Prominent

  • I have no Idea of the name of this beautifully marked moth, I did not trap it, it just appeared on the fence below my grape vine, a high probability its not rare I do not have that sort of luck, my newly acquired expensive book on moths fails, to even come close to an ID.
  • Dylan Wrathall has identified this moth, greatful thanks.

6 Aug 2010

What a Day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Had a bit of bad luck yesterday, started what I thought was going to be a pleasant few hours out, but ended up being far from my expected day. I dropped my newly acquired Canon Legria HF S11 Hi Def Camcorder, it bounced down some concrete steps scattering pieces in all directions, I said, Oh Bother!... that ruined the day so we went home. Luckily I am insured but it has, or will cost me £50 excess payment. They said they will not be requiring the camcorder so I am going to try utilising the lens for something like a macro lens.

Emmelina monodactyla

I incorrectly identified this as a white plume, corrected courtesy of Tony Morris, many thanks Tony.

Strewth!! this moth business is a bit perplexing, and Warren you were right about getting involved with moth's.

4 Aug 2010

Small Emerald

What a great looking moth, is now one of my favourites, ain't nature grand.

Very Young Frog

Some of the frogs are venturing out of the pond they are at different stages of development some larger and some still tadpoles.

Moth Feeding

This moth was feeding on my buddleia

willow Beauty

Thanks Tony, I was half right!!

Pale Prominent

Thanks Tony for the ID.

A Thorn Moth, not sure which one

The wing position is characteristic of this species.

Buff Ermine

Brimstone Moth