6 Aug 2010

What a Day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Had a bit of bad luck yesterday, started what I thought was going to be a pleasant few hours out, but ended up being far from my expected day. I dropped my newly acquired Canon Legria HF S11 Hi Def Camcorder, it bounced down some concrete steps scattering pieces in all directions, I said, Oh Bother!... that ruined the day so we went home. Luckily I am insured but it has, or will cost me £50 excess payment. They said they will not be requiring the camcorder so I am going to try utilising the lens for something like a macro lens.


  1. I'm sure the word you used was a bit stronger than 'bother' Dave :-) The first two letters are right. BO**OCKS!!!

  2. Hi Dave. Just found your great blog. Bad luck with the camcorder. Could have understood it if it was next friday.....13th!!