19 Sep 2008

Comma Butterfly

Very pleasant to see this Comma basking in the warm sunshine yesterday afternoon 18.9.08, in my garden still lots of Whites and
a few Admirals about.

14 Sep 2008

End of Road Kill Saga

This final leap was about two and a half feet after which it only had to scurry a short distance to cover, and obscurity, I dashed out of my camper hoping perhaps it would make another appearance , it never did, but I could hear the stoat having trouble dragging its quarry through the dense undergrowth, but after a couple of minutes all went silent.
End of saga...

Road Kill Saga

The final push

13 Sep 2008

Road Kill Saga.

The Stoat finally came up with the answer and surmounting its mobility problem by a series of leaps and bounds, it must have had its lair somewhere to the left of the road, but considered the prize worth the exposure.

Road Kill Saga

The Stoat was a little skittish and took cover several times but always returned to the quarry.

Road Kill Saga

By this time the carcass was in the middle of the road, and proposed a bit of a problem as the stoat had trouble walking.

10 Sep 2008

Corn Bunting

On a post at Elmley.

Stoat and road kill

This is the first of a series I will publish the quality is a bit down as this was shot through the camper screen had I got out he would have made an exit at this point he or she is pondering the question, how do I get it home? He or She does but you'll have to wait for the next pic, not to long.

Avocet Family

I kept my eye on the progress of this pair the prior shots are the inception the eggs and in this shot reared successfully two young.

Avocet with eggs


Mating Avocets

9 Sep 2008

A Crab Spider

But I'm glad its not my size, as it was in my garden...
Thanks Greenie for the ID.


Taken at Elmley enroute to the farm...

Albino Kite ?

This was taken in Wales I assumed it was a Kite but could it be a Buzzard???


Here demonstrating the "Stuker" manoeuvre on a female...

Pied Wagtail

Nesting at Elmley...


Mating Redshanks at RSPB Elmley....

Pied Wagtail

A pretty and most obliging bird, taken at Reculver this year...


A last year Spoonbill at Oare...
Landed in my garden species unknown...