30 Apr 2010

Two pictures sent in by Gerald Bovis

Kindly sent in by Gerald and features Ratty a frequent visitor to his Mums garden in Loose, Nr Maidstone, I suspect that there is bird food in the container which has captured his interest, Gerald remarked that it is small wonder children like to keep rats as pets when they appear this cuddly.
I would like to add that I would be pleased to publish any unusual pictures of wildlife, from followers of this blog! Send to Dave pixelman@btinternet.com

29 Apr 2010

Lone Greenfinch

Thanks Warren for sending over one of your Green Fella's, they have been significant by there absence for me this year. I concur with your comment on the rat, I also like them but as you said "not in the house"

28 Apr 2010

Hi Gerald My Email is pixelman@btinternet.com, will give all other info later.
Same Squirrel as below.

A chance pic taken at my local garden centre, Grey Squirrel on the first floor Ratty on the ground

21 Apr 2010

He might not be a Bonaparte Gull, apparent in Sussex today, and native to North America, but given the correct lighting what a stunner this common bird is.

19 Apr 2010

Well, what can I say, what an amazing day the weather gave us, I felt actual warmth for the first time this year. Did the usual round on Sheppey , Leysdown first, tide miles out and so were the birds. Then Harty, distant Harrier activity, work was in progress on the fleet corner reinforcing the road and the laybye, nothing else in the way of birdlife apparent. On to rspb Elmley, sighted were Redshank, several of, Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit, a few Lapwing and the Brown Hare pictured below, the Sparrow was taken by from the farm car park, the thrush as I was starting out in a tree giving wonderful voice.

Brown Hare

Coot, the bigger picture


House Sparrow

Not quite sure whether she has food or nesting material in her beak.

Song Thrush

Rare on my patch, not seen or heard one for two years or more, is anyone else experiencing this?

12 Apr 2010


An early start to the obligatory bootfair then on to Sheppey, bitingly cold NE to E wind, Leysdown did not produce any birds save that of a lone Ruff.

Harty, not a great deal, lots of paired up Mallard a few LBG's at distance, four Marsh Harrier, Ken, Greenie, Warren (if you were not aware I do sometimes refer to you as the Fieldmen)

On to rspb Elmley a few curlew still hanging around, one Yellow Wag at distance, pitiful numbers of Lapwing, one Egret, no Herons, a few paired Mallard, the noticeboard indicates several early Swallows moving West, this I did not see, also reported regular sightings of three Barn Owls, which is always good, some paired Redshank but no sign of any Ringed Plover as yet.

Good birding







7 Apr 2010

Garden Birds in Portrait.

  • Not a lot happening on my Sheppey patch, Warren's nicked all me Greenfinches, I was down to two, now they've gone, of course they are probably doing what birds do at this time of year, busy selecting a mate and then building a house, few of us have that skill, I'm down to two Goldfinches, now feeding less regularly on the beloved Niger Seeds, the feeder now is a regular stop off to miriads of Starlings, Jackdaws, Collared Dove, and Sparrows.
  • I decided as we do not get that close to most of the birds we watch, I decided to have a portrait show of a few of our common garden birds.

Wood pigeon

Collared Dove

The out of focus dove put his beak into the tray, flicked it's head and scattered the seed, which is what you can see frozen in the foreground.


Us bigger lads are just at home on the feeder as you little guy's, so there!

House Sparrow