25 Oct 2012

Trip to Sheppey 25-10-2012

A morning trip to RSPB Elmley, very misty and grey and the temperature was  pleasantly mild, sat in the Wellmarsh hide for a couple of hours, not much to get the heart racing or to write home about, seen on the scrape.   Solitary Grey Plover, Seven Snipe, 50+ Teal, 300+ Greylag at some distance.

Seen on the slow drive to and from the hide, Marsh Harrier, 8 Carrion Crows, 1 Stonechat, fence sitting,  8+ Curlew, A scattering of Plover, Fungi were very apparent, picked myself a great feed of fresh Field Mushrooms.

Greylag Geese

This flight of geese came over the top of Wellmarsh Hide and they are about to join the many greylag already on the marsh.

Fruits of the earth and they really did go down well with bacon and eggs.

Curlew at Distance

Mixed Bunch

Lapwing, and a fungus I cannot identify, Sparrows on my feeder, the sparrow in the centre I think is leucistic.

5 Oct 2012

My Patch 04/10/2010

A visit to my patch yesterday and what a beautiful day it was. Birdlife was not too apparent 2 Carrion Crows , possibly the same Grey Plover harassing a Crow, 6+ Shelduck, a small raft of Mullard, 5+ Little Egret, Flights of Oyster Catcher pushed off feeding by the tide, and numerous House Martins and Swallows no doubt late broods in a final feed before the off.

Natural land drain.

Bait digger, Southend Pier in background.

Interesting shoreline.

2 Oct 2012

Firstly by the dated entries I have not posted any info for some time the reason being I have had problems with my eyes as they are quite an important piece of equipement when involved with photography and nature observation, but I am pleased to announce that my cataract has been remedied and progress is being made with AMD and the treatment is LYCENTIS, and to date things are much improved.

Regarding the pictures below they depict my new birding patch at Allhallows, not far from my domicile, and my first visit produced the Grey Plover depicted.

There are some diverse plants in the area, sea, marginals and normal countryside flora, not very up on marine plants so it looks like I am going to have to purchase another expensive book.  The area is very exposed to the elements so I am not looking forward to the winter.

The photo depicting a landscape you can just pick out Northward Hill RSPB reserve so, it gives an idea of the location.