23 Jun 2010

Just one of the many beautiful bays on Jersey, note the German gun tower.

Not Sure

Taken from the harbour wall, Warren any ideas?

Jersey Royals

No potato famine here, what a criminal waste and they are Jersey Royals.
This is to be found at the NW corner of Jersey, they seem to be hell bent on making the island smaller.

Painted Lady

There are a great many of these on Jersey at the moment

St Helier, Jersey

The Jersey calf is is interested in the frog

22 Jun 2010

GERALD DURRELL the MAN, Sensitively portrayed in this bronze sculpture.

This is the man responsible for this remarkable place on Jersey, and pictured below are some of the animals and birds to be seen at the trusts park, he gave up so much of his life striving to earn and raise money to save endangered species sadly he is not now with us but his work still goes on, the trust is now run by his wife and son, both of whom are passionate about the conservancy work, I take off my hat to them and the devoted unsung hero's who work in the field in foreign lands and not forgetting the devoted keepers and veterinary staff.

A Sulawesi Crested Black Macaque

The mother of this little charmer had a last year infant and pictured. is this years

A Lowland Gorilla

A Cotton Top Tamarin

Amazon Blue Poison-Dart Frog

Endangered because of the deforestation of their habitat.

Grey Crane and a Pekin Robin

Asian Fairy Bluebird and a Nicobar Pigeon

Emerald Dove and a Grey Crowned Crane

Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove and a White Rumped Shama

21 Jun 2010

Back from Jersey

Hi All

Back from Jersey this morning, my search for the Green Lizard has failed, it has been my holy graile for many years, the weather has been very cold, blowing a strong north easterley all week it certainly was not conducive for lizards of any variety to bask in the sun, interestingly I have learnt that they have been introduced on Dorsets south coast Lulworth and Durdle vicinity and apparently are doing well.

Bird sightings were very sparse although I managed four sightings of Marsh Harriers of which there are three breeding pair's, one House Martin was seen, and there are great numbers of Swallows, two Egrets were seen one was exploring rock pools and the other was mingled with Herring and Black Back Gulls on the foreshore. Apparent were many Painted Lady Butterflies.

* I made a visit to Gerald Durrells Conservation Park, his is a story of a lifelong ambition that he had even as a child, he became a very successful author and ploughed all of his money back into his priority one, which was saving endangered specie's, breeding them and re-introducing them back into the wild, he died some fifteen years ago but his wife and Son still carry on the good work, his site can be found at this link, http://www.durrell.org/animals

* Over the next few days I will be publishing pictures of some of the Birds and Animals, and a few other interesting relevant and irrelevant pictures but I think they will meet with your approval.

11 Jun 2010

An Expedition in search of the Green Lizard.

I am off to Jersey and taking the car for a week, in search of the Elusive Green Lizard and whatever else comes along, I saw the tail end of one once as it threshed through the grass it was a large specimen apparent by the displacement of vegetation as it made it's exit, I have had two previous attempts at an encounter but regret to say I have not been successful, but forever the optimist I'll give it another go.

9 Jun 2010


Last year at Oare, Nr Faversham. It stayed around for about a week, but was pretty elusive confining it's movements to the middle of the scrape.

Jackdaws Enigma.

This is an enigma to me, has any visitor to this site experienced this behavior? the recipe that kicks off this behavior is a scorchingly hot day and the roof is south facing and the time about midday, and they spend about five to ten miutes in the above position, I have pondered this for some time but cannot find a feasible answer, so going public may shed light on this poser.

8 Jun 2010

A Couple of Marshfrogs

A couple of Marsh Frogs, not native to this country, they are extremely vocal, but do have a certain charm, particularly the first one it seem to wear a smile.

5 Jun 2010

A Blackbird Evolving, fed up with worms, likes fast food..

This little chap is audacious in the extreme, it flies in and frightens the hell outa the cat, and then proceeds to eat it's dinner, mind you, I have always brought up my family to share and share alike.
Stitches are out, weather just fine, looking forward to some photography. Thanks again for your support you field guys.

1 Jun 2010

Grey Heron and Marsh Frog

One of a series of pictures I took of this heron three years ago, the frog was particularly large and had more than a little difficulty in swallowing it.

Mallard at Harty

The Mallard did particularly well last year, at least at Harty, these are the result of this little stretch of dyke. You cann't keep a good duck down!

Stitches Out

Roll on Thursday stitches out, and hopefully back to normal state of affairs, it has seemed a life time since the op.