30 Jun 2008

Assorted Birds

Here at RSPB Elmley the birds, Grey Plover, a few Dunlin, Oyster Catchers in the Background and one or two others that you will probably spot are landing after a Harrier scare....

This heron at RSPB Elmley, Isle of Sheppey, allowef several shots before taking off, this is I think a particularly beautiful bird....

29 Jun 2008

Long Eared Owl

Taken at RSPB Elmley, midday and was resting on a post driven into the dyke next to Wellmarsh Hide. I would consider myself very lucky to get the chance of another shot like this in my lifetime...

26 Jun 2008

Gulls and a little more.

This picture I took in the early 60's having moved from my sleepy home town, Whitstable to Lewisham, the reason, a disastrous marriage encounter, the move was a bit of a culture shock compared with sleepy Whitstable, however I digress. The photo was taken with an Ilford Advocate 35mm camera with a 35mm fixed lens. The vessel to the left is Scott of the Antarctic's vessel the Discovery, in the background is I think a power Station the name of which is unknown to me, any idea's? It is doing what coal fired power Stations do best, pollute the atmosphere, of course this would not be allowed today and although the UK has gone some way to improving its carbon footprint, countries that were not guilty then, have found new affluence and with that comes pollution on a much larger scale. The birds are black headed gulls.

25 Jun 2008

A Turnstone

This friendly little bird posed for me at Leysdown, Sheppey, earlier this year.

Little Tern

This was taken at Weymouth.

A Formation of Whimbrel

Whimbrel on the move at Oare, Faversham....

20 Jun 2008

Temmincks Stint

This shot taken at RSPB Elmley, six weeks ago, the bird was a bit elusive but did overcome its shyness eventually...

Short Eared Owl

Right place right time...

Short Eared Owl

A chance shot at Elmley...

Barn Owl

A chance shot..

16 Jun 2008

A Water Vole

This is as near as I could get persuading him or her to pose for a portrait shot...
These delightful creatures are sadly becoming scarce and are no longer to be seen in some places....

A Water Vole

Caught swimming at Elmley..


On a mission...

15 Jun 2008

Black Tailed Godwits

A nice flight of Godwits one of my favourite wading birds...

Four young Swallows

Taken four days ago.

14 Jun 2008


Mother Shellduck and her brood there are another five but they didn't like being photographed....


A very mobile young stoat.

Young Avocet

At this age is nearly independant, probably in our terms adolescent.

12 Jun 2008

Reed Warbler

Like Bearded Tits these critters can be just as elusive

Reed Warbler

Bearded Tit

Bearded Tit

Very elusive and require a lot of patience, but very gratifying once the shot is taken.

Barn Owl

Taken at Harty, Isle of Sheppey, UK

Young Swallows

Waiting for the fast food to arrive.

2 Jun 2008

A Little Tern

A shot of a Little Tern taken at Weymouth last year.

A Yellow Wagtail.

A very nice shot of a female Yellow Wagtail, taken at Harty, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK.

Avocet and Chick

A tentative mother and young, taken at Elmley.

Ringed Plover Eggs

The eggs....

A nesting Ringed Plover.

Ringed Plover at Elmley, she is sitting on eggs.
Eggs are above......

Heron and marsh frog

The first of the series the moment he knew he had lunch.....

Heron and Marsh Frog

One of a series the Heron had a little trouble getting this down but with usual Heron dexterity he managed it.
Taken at Oare, Faversham, Kent, uk

Greylag Geese

Not a mind-stopping subject but composition has made this shot, see how the eye is transported into the picture.