26 Jun 2008

Gulls and a little more.

This picture I took in the early 60's having moved from my sleepy home town, Whitstable to Lewisham, the reason, a disastrous marriage encounter, the move was a bit of a culture shock compared with sleepy Whitstable, however I digress. The photo was taken with an Ilford Advocate 35mm camera with a 35mm fixed lens. The vessel to the left is Scott of the Antarctic's vessel the Discovery, in the background is I think a power Station the name of which is unknown to me, any idea's? It is doing what coal fired power Stations do best, pollute the atmosphere, of course this would not be allowed today and although the UK has gone some way to improving its carbon footprint, countries that were not guilty then, have found new affluence and with that comes pollution on a much larger scale. The birds are black headed gulls.


  1. I would not stake my life on it , but I think the coal fired power station spewing pollution is Bankside Power Station .
    If I am right , then the wheel has turned full circle - it is now known as Tate Modern - and has Peregrine Falcons nesting on it .

  2. Many thanks for the info Greenie I am sure you are right.
    Kind regards
    Dave Jordan