13 Jul 2012

Despite the heavy rain last night the moths were flying, a nice trap was this impressive Privet Hawk Moth the others are Clouded Buff and Emerald Moth.
Hoping for some warmer days which will entice more moths into flight.

7 Jul 2012

Moth Trap

Dug out the moth trap couple of days ago and the results are pictured below, I must admit moths and butterflies are not not my forte and have a tendency to favour the larger and more impressive of both species.
One of the above hawks I was unable to identify, as near as I could ascertain the conclusion was that it was a Lime Hawk.
The leopard moth as I understand from my reference book not very common in Kent.
The Skylark was taken at RSPB Elmley.

Leopard Moth

A Buff Tip

Elephant Hawk

Eyed Hawk Moth

Thanks for the correction Ken Eyed Hawk it is.

Skylark dust bathing