24 Jul 2008

Posing Greylag

This regal looking bird cuts a very classic pose and I am sure he knew it, he also won me second place in a competition.

Oyster Catcher

I have never seen this behaviour exhibited in my photograph depicting an Oyster Catcher swimming, have any other birders witnessed this happening?
Taken at Leysdown

Oyster Catcher

This bird was resting, the tide was flooding, and along came a jet-ski and rather unceremoniously knocked the poor bird off its perch.
Again at Leysdown.

Oyster Catcher

Marsh Harrier

A Marsh Harrier

This bird I believe to be juvenile.
Taken at the Raptor viewpoint at Harty, Isle of Sheppey.


An Egret that thought a visit to Leysdown would be a nice day out, it even took itself for a leisurly saunter on the beach

Hare at Harty

A nice example of a female Hare crossing the road across the fleet at the raptor viewpoint, she was disturbed by the silage cutters and and the transporters.

12 Jul 2008

A Sore Thumb Pheasant

This bird is not really equipped to live in the country, taken very close to Harty Church, this was last year, I wonder if this bird was in the sights of 12 gauge shotgun whether or not the hunter would pull the trigger, what do you think?

Stoat with Prey

I managed this shot through the windscreen of my old camper, along with about six other shots which I will publish.
These were taken by chance at Harty, about 100 yds from the Ferry Inn I do not think that this kill was attributed to the stoat but was perhaps his reward after a road kill, the corpse looks to be a rabbit but not sure.

8 Jul 2008

Long Eared Owl

This is another shot of the Owl at RSPB Wellmarsh Hide, Isle of Sheppey.

A Few Red Kites

These pictures are but a few they were taken in the Brecons over a period of about five years, they always remind me of the WW2 Spitfire, elegant, fast, highly maneuverable, and with a swift dispatch of it's quarry...

Herring Gull

Not much else to add...

Heron and Friends

6 Jul 2008

Tufted Duck

This is a photograph of a black and white watercolour I did in the eighties I always photograph my originals and it was perhaps a good job that I did, as it was stolen while on exhibition at my local watering hole, the establishment is now closed.

Stag Beetle

I drew this back in the seventies...

Bewick or Whooper ?

Taken at RSPB Elmley last year. The ID of the birds I think are Bewicks but I may be wrong.

4 Jul 2008


Many thanks Greenie for your confirmation of my ID. I remember about 4 years ago wandering into Wellmarsh Hide, RSPB Elmley, ISLE of SHEPPEY and giving my usual greeting, Morning !Only one occupant, exclamation ! Anything about? Reply, not much, only that BLACK WINGED STILT over yonder, silence ensued as expected and we both sat and enjoyed this rare occurrance.

Juvenile Avocets

Young Avocets at RSPB Elmley, last feed before nightfall...

Defending the nest

This avocet was intent on inspecting the nest but was convinced otherwise by this parent...

Oyster Catcher with eggs

This was taken at RSPB Elmley on the 3-7-2008, the parents were taking turns keeping the eggs warm, this was in fact the changeover...

Reed Warbler

To photograph these birds you need the patience of Jobe but once captured it seems all worthwhile...