23 May 2010

My Thanks

Thanks for the support Greenie, Warren, and Ken.

22 May 2010

Out of Action.

Had eye op yesterday at Maidstone Hospital not the best occurrance for a birder, so I will be out of action for about a fortnight, I am unable to drive, and just when the weather has taken a turn for the better, however, I will perhaps have a look through my files and perhaps post a few of my pic's of previous years. Dave.

Redshanks in dispute

The Stuker dive bomb effect.

A Kestrel

Taken rspb Elmley Isle of Sheppey.

A Spotted Redshank

Taken at Oare, near Faversham

10 May 2010

My Favorite Bird

They are very quarrelsome birds and more than a touch aggressive, to there own and other birds, but I suppose they can be excused when you look this handsome, and regal.

At Elmley

Ringed Greenfinch