13 Jul 2009


Taken at Stodmarsh, I understand that they suffer a lingering death because the haw, or third eyelid is not present in the species, therefore exposing the eye to saltwater attack over a long period, and, as they hunt by vision, failing sight can only mean one thing, starvation! Your thoughts perhaps?
On my camper window after dark.

A Swan Family

I know this is a bit Birthday Cardish but they do make a pretty picture, you can almost feel the affection, must be my age.

Fly, Bee, ?

This was in my garden and probably measured over half an inch, it looks menacing but could not see any visible means of stinging or biting, but he was a big boy, his eyes are amazing, would love a peek through them. Greenie or Warren any ideas.

8 Jul 2009

Incubation Achieved

The Young newly hatched avocets can be seen, but the camouflage is so good that they are hard to spot.

Hover Fly

Lots of these in my garden at the moments

A Marsh Harrier.

2 Jul 2009

Procreation Dance

These magnificent birds are to me a joy to behold they are oblivious of the sheer beauty of their courtship ritual, they are and always will be my favourite wader, that is apart from the Black Winged Stilt which I have only seen on one occasion in the UK.

1 Jul 2009


This bird to me epitomises the countryside it's a shame the species is in decline.

Seaside Centaury

This pretty plant growing close to the shore is one I am not familiar with.
Thank you Greenie for your ID.

Funnel Spider

My Father always called these Funnel Spiders obviously not the species name.
Very much come into my parlour said the spider.