30 Apr 2011

A Yellow Wagtail

Trip out to a Boot fair on Sheppey this morning 30-4-2011 on the way back, decided to drive up as far as the farm at Elmley  the Yellow Wag and The Little Grebe were my reward for no effort.

Paired up Redshank

These birds are at the moment are very visible at RSPB Elmley and if patient some good shots can be had.
Not sure what the object of this exercise was about, but whatever it was he was intent on collecting a hell of a lot of these reeds, the nest was already built as seen in the previous shot, perhaps he decided on a holiday home.

Nesting at Elmley

28 Apr 2011

A Holly Blue

This Holly Blue would not open it's wings.

A lovely field of Buttercups

Taken at Cuxton.

A Speckled Wood

Taken in the woods at Upper Halling

20 Apr 2011

Upper Halling wonderful day

Today Upper Halling nice to have had a chat with you and mum my email is pixelman@btinternet.com
apologies for not  knowing your name.

Results of a couple of mornings.

Had a couple of trips out Sat 16th birding and bootfair, yesterday on my own did my usual Leysdown, Harty, and RSPB Elmley, the Saturday trip was quite unimpressive regarding species but yesterday was much improved, had a couple of hours with the Avocets the numbers available to watch were depleted by two thirds on the Wellmarsh scrape compared to a week ago, the water level is in my opinion a little to high and is not ideal for avocet feeding although I hope this is not the reason for their absence.

Three Swallows were sighted and two Blackcap were singing in the orchard, a Spoonbill flew overhead and one was visible at distance from the hide, a Lapwing had become prey to something by the side of the track, Skylarks and Corn Buntings were showing well, but the star of the day was without doubt the Ring Ousel a first ( don't do ticks) sighting for me.

Below are a few pics taken over the two days .


Taken at Elmley just off the track.

Turnstone at rest

These four pictures were taken at Leysdown

Lone Turnstone

Feral Pigeons

They may be feral and some people regard them as flying rats and disease ridden, and they are the staple diet of peregrines but tat does not make them any the less a handsome creature.

The Harty Road


With nesting in mind at RSPB Elmley.

Two Blackbacks

Not sure about these two, but they did seem to be oblivious of the busy world around them.
A wee bit corny I know but it's not often you get to see a Swan in such detail.

12 Apr 2011

Great Day out yesterday 11.4.011

Bernie I hope you enjoyed your trip to our patch, Sheppey, you were treated to a good representation of our Avocets going about their role in life, courtship and procreation, we were fortunate as they have only been here a few days. and I am sure Roger has been the perfect host and has shown you around as much as was possible in the time you were here, by the time you get wind of this you will be back in darkest Suffolk performing your conservation work, well done!.

Roger our mystery bird has I think has more than an association with the Mallard populous, these birds seem to be very prolific in hybridisation producing all sorts of strange markings and colour variations, I have published a couple of shots below and will be forwarding the same to Gordon Allison, but like the gentleman that joined us said, he does not think the bird will draw many of the bird fraternity to a viewing.

We spoke of creating a site in which you both seemed keen, this is very possible at no cost, we will discuss further, in the meantime think of a suitable name. I will be in touch via email and will forward my telephone number so that we can go into much more detail.



The pictures posted are yesterdays visit 11-4-011 and a previous time a week ago.

An Enigma.

Heron with ditch carp.

This Grey Heron had one hell of a job with this Carp, it is one of a series I shot at RSPB Elmley.

Just looking elegant.

Redshank displaying

There are a reasonable amount of these birds nesting on the Elmley reserve

Courtship, the approach

The act

Lets go build a nest.

2 Apr 2011

April 1st

A sudden impulse led to a trip to Oare and Elmley, the weather was dull and blustery and would add not conducive to photography at least detailed stuff, however not deterred we arrived at Oare, it did start to brighten up, and the observation was, not a lot about, couple of BT Godwits a few Greylag, Tufted Duck, a few Wigeon and Teal, and I suppose if pressed the star of that show was a very obliging Little Grebe, I usually manage to photograph the rear end of the bird as it disappears under water, when feeding they are busy little creatures.

On to Elmley and drove to the Wellmarsh hide at this time 11-30 we were the only visitors to the reserve. I noticed enroute quite a number of Curlew, way out on the marsh other than that, about a dozen pairs of Mute Swans throughout the reserve, and the numbers of Little Egret seem to be more abundant than usual , two Brown Hares had a confrontation, and the result was that they took off in opposing directions.

From the hide, still a great deal of water with very little roosting space, I was there well before high water and what birds there were are already here 100+ Dunlin 30 or so Turnstone, 1 Avocet 3 Black Tailed Godwit, 4 Ringed Plover, and a very distant Spoonbill. The Dunlin were very skittish and were alarmed a few times never spotted the reason. High water came and went not producing no more birds.

We then went to Queenborogh and had fish and chips which we consumed by the harbour and then home, all in all quite a pleasant trip.


This bird was so near to the Sheppey, Eastchurch open prison that it spurred the thought that so often have I seen Marsh and Hen Harrier, Buzzard and now this Spoonbill in the vicinity of the prison, made me think whether any of the inmates would be interested in wildlife I do not see why not, they are ideally situated, I would like to think yes, and perhaps possibly have a birding club, I wonder, may drop them a line to perhaps confirm

Over Eastchurch open prison.

Little Grebe

This rather pleasant little bird I pictured at Oare, Faversham.

Fancy seeing you !