5 Nov 2010

Harty and Elmley 1.11.2010

Monday was a pleasant day, the tide was wrong and well out so hence the waders were feeding and were absent from the Wellmarsh scrape. It was quite strange that there was not a car in the car park and I had the reserve completely to myself, its never happened before, birders perhaps knew something that we didn't. However we did have a good morning out, the fish n chips made it worthwhile, we went home via Allhallows we pulled off the road to view the Thames and search the shoreline for waders with the scope, not a thing, however I did manage a shot of the MV Marco Polo enroute to Tilbury she is a bit dated as she was commissioned in the sixties but recently had a full refit. Below are the fruits of my morning out and I believe that the Heron is a current years juvenile.

The MV Marco Polo Cruiseliner

A view looking east up the fleet at Harty, I checked out all of the swans they were all mute.
There were quite a few Canada Geese around the Elmley reserve, but at a good distance