7 Jul 2012

Moth Trap

Dug out the moth trap couple of days ago and the results are pictured below, I must admit moths and butterflies are not not my forte and have a tendency to favour the larger and more impressive of both species.
One of the above hawks I was unable to identify, as near as I could ascertain the conclusion was that it was a Lime Hawk.
The leopard moth as I understand from my reference book not very common in Kent.
The Skylark was taken at RSPB Elmley.


  1. Dave.
    Looks like getting the moth trap out was a good decision. Great photo's. I agree with your i.d. of the Leopard Moth, but as for the Lime Moth? I think it is a Eyed Hawk Moth.

    1. Hi Ken
      My id book is not the best but thanks for the correction, moths are reallt not my forte and really only like the spectacular variety.