21 Jun 2010

Back from Jersey

Hi All

Back from Jersey this morning, my search for the Green Lizard has failed, it has been my holy graile for many years, the weather has been very cold, blowing a strong north easterley all week it certainly was not conducive for lizards of any variety to bask in the sun, interestingly I have learnt that they have been introduced on Dorsets south coast Lulworth and Durdle vicinity and apparently are doing well.

Bird sightings were very sparse although I managed four sightings of Marsh Harriers of which there are three breeding pair's, one House Martin was seen, and there are great numbers of Swallows, two Egrets were seen one was exploring rock pools and the other was mingled with Herring and Black Back Gulls on the foreshore. Apparent were many Painted Lady Butterflies.

* I made a visit to Gerald Durrells Conservation Park, his is a story of a lifelong ambition that he had even as a child, he became a very successful author and ploughed all of his money back into his priority one, which was saving endangered specie's, breeding them and re-introducing them back into the wild, he died some fifteen years ago but his wife and Son still carry on the good work, his site can be found at this link, http://www.durrell.org/animals

* Over the next few days I will be publishing pictures of some of the Birds and Animals, and a few other interesting relevant and irrelevant pictures but I think they will meet with your approval.

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  1. Unlucky with the Green Lizard Dave. Look forward to your photo's.