12 Apr 2010


An early start to the obligatory bootfair then on to Sheppey, bitingly cold NE to E wind, Leysdown did not produce any birds save that of a lone Ruff.

Harty, not a great deal, lots of paired up Mallard a few LBG's at distance, four Marsh Harrier, Ken, Greenie, Warren (if you were not aware I do sometimes refer to you as the Fieldmen)

On to rspb Elmley a few curlew still hanging around, one Yellow Wag at distance, pitiful numbers of Lapwing, one Egret, no Herons, a few paired Mallard, the noticeboard indicates several early Swallows moving West, this I did not see, also reported regular sightings of three Barn Owls, which is always good, some paired Redshank but no sign of any Ringed Plover as yet.

Good birding



  1. Dave ,
    I saw Marsh Harriers above that reedbed as I was heading home after my visit about two weeks ago Could prove very interesting .

  2. Ive got this week off Dave. So I may well do an off patch visit to either Sheppy or Dunge. Thanks for the tip

  3. Dave,

    Entirely up to you, but in order to avoid nests of birds such as Harriers being robbed by egg-collectors, who will often trawl these sites for breeding information, it would be helpful if you could avoid pin-pointing such nest sites so accurately.

    Best regards, Derek Faulkner - Sheppey

  4. Hi Dave.
    So you are a booter, are you. I sometimes go there, but haven't done so far this year.Nice photo of the Ruff.Well done on seeing the Yellow Wag. It is still quiet on Sheppey isn't it? Thing must start coming in soon. I will rely on you for updates Dave.
    As for the M/Harriers, I know what you mean about keeping mum about their nest locations, it is so easy for egg thieves to walk into the fields and steal them on Sheppey.We are lucky to have so many pairs of Harriers. Long may they stay. It is great to watch them skydancing.