29 Aug 2010

The Great British Butterfly Count 2010 Published in The Daily Mail

  • Some of the winners in the big Butterfly Count: SMALL TORTOISESHELL Revived after numbers fell dramatically due to attacks by parasite. GATEKEEPER Fared especially well in cities. SIX-SPOT BURNET MOTH Doing well in England, Wales, the Scottish coasts and the Outer Hebrides. MEADOW BROWN Normally abun­dant, but mysteriously did badly in the count. And the losers: HUMMING-BIRD HAWK-MOTH Thought to have done well In its migration from Europe and North Africa this summer, but only 643 were spotted putting it in 26th place. HIGH BROWN FRITILLARY reduced to 50 colonies in England after a 79% decline over the last 25 years Despite positive results overall, the Butterfly Conservation Group, which ran the survey,warned that the situation remains dire, with 70% of British species in decline and half threatened with extinction


  1. A dire situation indeed Dave :-)

  2. Hi Dave.
    It doesn't make for good reading does it for our British species.Lets hope things change.