11 Aug 2010

Apt words that inspired this picture..

I would like to be able to say that this text is mine, it isn't, but I would dearly love to shake the hand of the person who made this quote. The picture is mine but with a few modifications, any idea of the location that I took this picture? Ken should know!


  1. There's one spot in my patch that gets used for dumping, a few years ago some dumped a 8x4 ft sheet of ply. I made two Skinner moth traps out of it! I couldn't find a use for the old piano that appeared later!

  2. t was meant for the post below. The same sign appears at "Springtime in Fort Tryon Park, New York City" and Lake O’Hara Lodge in the US and at Lake Manyara in Tanzania, but I can't who first wrote it. There's a long discussion about its meaning in "Environmental ethics: duties to and values in the natural world" By Holmes Rolston. It's a good and well found saying Dave.

  3. Thanks Tony fo the in depth information, much appreciated.