29 Aug 2008

Herring Gulls

Half a loaf of bread, my camera and a seat on the seawall at Leysdown.

Spotted Redshank

At Oare

Spotted Redshank

Black Tailed Godwit

A ringed godwit at Oare


Digitally painted

20 Aug 2008

Marsh Frog

This cheeky chappie is wearing a very wry smile you almost get the feeling that he knows something that we don't....


Common I think, and had been basking on the sands off Margate until the tide upset things.


At RSPB Elmley not that much of a common sight.


A nice array of Turnstone at Leysdown

19 Aug 2008

Oyster Catcher

This bird was taken at RSPB Elmley from Wellmarsh Hide and is seen defending the nest and eggs, that had the interest of an Avocet, the outcome saw the Avocet making a hasty retreat and then picked on a Ringed Plover.

Sunset at Harty

This was taken from the Raptor Viewpoint recently.

14 Aug 2008

Raptor Viewpoint

On the Harty Road, first thoughts mass breakout from Eastchurch Nick but turned out to be wedding guests bound for the Ferry Inn.

Rare Bird at Harty

When at the Raptor Viewpoint always be prepared for the Rare Bird showing up, this one is in extreme summer breeding plumage.


A very young Oyster Catcher

Elmley 13-8-2008

Spotted redshank

Elmley 13-8-2008


Elmley 13-8-2008

Dunlin at RSPB Elmley
Dunlin at Leysdown