24 Oct 2008

Angle Shades

Thanks Greenie for the ID.

Cabbage White

About to alight.

20 Oct 2008

Avocet Exhibition

Hello all I am guilty of not posting with the regularity that has been my habit in the past, all this has been due to bad health, so, I have gone over my stock of pic's and have decided to have an Avocet exhibition, with some shots of this and last year, I will be posting more, so here's hoping you enjoy this present batch, it certainly cheers me up.

13 Oct 2008

Black Tailed Godwits

A flight of Godwits at RSPB Elmley

Harrier disturbance.

Marauding Marsh Harrier put up these resting birds.

12 Oct 2008

Follow my lead.

Squadron leader B.H.Gull leading the squadron into an attack on a fuel dump, half a loaf of bread, mission accomplished successfully.

Temminks Stint ?

At Oare

Brent Geese

Grazing on the salmarsh at Harty Ferry.

11 Oct 2008

Bar Headed Goose

Bar Headed Goose obviously an escapee.

Avocet and Shellduck

Very aggressive Avocet picks on a Shellduck, well thats the way it was photographed, but have I photographed a totally new cross breed two thirds Avocet and one third shellduck?

Caterillar in my garden

Caterpillar that of a Vapourer Moth.
Thanks Greenie