28 Oct 2009

My thanks to the field guy's, A Hobby.

This bird is a bit of an enigma to me, but certain features are not quite right for Kestrel.I am using Collins Bird Guide.
Any thoughts you field guy's?
Ken and Warren or anybody, what is the characteristic feature the confirms this species.


  1. Hi Dave
    That is definately a Hobby you have there, a late one at that.Nice photo.

  2. Thanks you Guy's
    I was totally up the wrong Gum Tree, I was thinking Merlin.

  3. Hi Dave. A Hobby has the red feathering at the tops of it's legs. the facial mask, ie the distinguished mustache, and the white on the throat nearly meets at the back of the nape. It's a bit like a miniature Peregrine. When it flies it is very scythe like in shape. I hope that helps.

  4. Many Thanks Ken
    Now the book makes a bit more sense, good birding if you are out this weekend.