16 Sep 2010

The Birding Days are getting better

  • Yesterday Wed 15th we went to Oare fist nothing of any real note except the usual clustered Black Tailed Godwits, seven Ruff feeding quite close to the road a couple of Seals were apparent on the Horse Sands and a Dutch two masted barge was aground in the Columbine Channel. Decided to give Elmley a try, we encountered good numbers of Swallow flying very close to the ground, so close in fact that I thought they were flying under the car.
  • At the farm on the short grass there were eight or so Pied Wagtails and at the end of the orchard I managed a shot of a very well turned out Yellow Wagtail. Arrived Wellmarsh Hide four people inside offered a greeting which was returned sat down and opened a window, glancing out and scanning round sprang to mind, not much about, closer inspection yielded three Little Stint, one Ringed Plover, three Snipe a Marsh Harrier which was intent on giving a Greylag a hard time I have never seen this behaviour before, we all witnessed the event and ended up having quite a chat which is unusual in my experience. I managed a few shots which I have published below.

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