17 May 2011

Meadow or Tree Pipit ?

I have researched my books and enlisted the help of the web as to which of the two this bird is, I have come to the conclusion that it could be a tree pipit, the eye stripe is more prominent in the tree and the beak a little heavier which they are.


  1. Hi Dave. I would say this is Meadow Pipit. One of the easiest ways to tell the two apart is to look at the streaking on the flanks. In Meadow Pipit the streaks are quite big and spotty, the same as on the breast, but in Tree Pipit the flank streaks are fine and light, like pencil strokes. This Tree Pipit photo shows what I mean: http://www.bbc.co.uk/devon/content/images/2007/08/16/tree_pipit_465x350.jpg

  2. Hi Marrianne
    Thanks for the comment and yes I can see exactly what you mean. But I must say they are very very similar to my tired eyes.
    Again many thanks.