26 Sep 2009

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We all like to post what we have seen and just occasionally it will be something of note rather than fairly mundane stuff but nevertheless interesting. But what about the things that we have not seen or at least not in the bountiful numbers that have perhaps been so in other years.
  • Things I have not seen or at least very few are, please do not take this as a survey on declining species it could be me not in the right place. Swallows- not as many as prior years Sand Martins- not as many as prior years Swifts- have seen very few sparrows- noticeably fewer Kestrels- A real absence Butterflies- noticeably fewer, Peacock, Admiral, Brimstone. Painted Lady, large continental migration and plenty of Cabbage or large whites, and still are. Moths- noticeably fewer, did not see a Hummingbird hawk or even had one reported on KOS But according to the experts so called, we can expect plagues of spiders and Craneflies. How have you guy's summed up the summer season?

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