28 Sep 2009

I have no idea !

This was taken today in the Wellmarsh hide RSPB Isle of Sheppey, Kent, you will notice the nasty looking protrusion emanating from its rear end.


  1. Hi. I think the insect is a Soldier Beetle(Cantharis Rustica) but don't hold me to it.

  2. Hi, i hv also no idea.....but it looks nice............

  3. Thanks Ken and looking at its armourmentI would say you were right.

  4. I would hazard a guess at it being a species of ichneumon wasp, that's the ovipositor out the back for laying eggs.

    It's certainly not cantharis rustica as it's not a beetle. It'd also be extremely out of season if it was out and about in September.

  5. Hi Bob
    Thanks for the comment, this was taken at RSPB Elmley Isle of Sheppey, Wellmarsh Hide, in the background you can see the new electric fence installed to deter foxes at bird breeding time, there were no birds about save four juvenile Shelduck and a solitary Avocet, this guy was much more interesting, one had to keep an eye on it because we didn't know the damage caperbility of the rear gun that it was displaying, ovipositor wish I had known that at the time.