12 Feb 2011

Dare I say Barnacle Geese

Elmley a week ago, lots of activity in the far distance but only accessed with a scope. I know I have said possible barnacle geese but I suppose they could be canada geese. Anyway regardless they were a pleasant sight.


  1. Hi Dave.
    Nice photo of the Starlings. Was that as big as the gathering got?
    I had a close look at the Geese you photographed, and they are now Barnacle's in with the Canada's, at first I thought Emperors, of blue phase Snow Geese, but I couldnt come toa decision. if you cannot solve the puzzle, why not send a copy of it to Gordon.Allison@rspb.org.uk to see if he knows.
    Nice shots of the Curlews

  2. Hi Ken
    A bit late but happy new year anyway. Thanks for the comment and have sent Gordon a copy for his appraisal.