15 Feb 2011

Offers and free items.

Some people will have noticed that my posting took a bit of a tumble and I kinda lost my way a bit due to a combination of ill health the weather and family problems but I have made a recovery or at least am better than I was, I would like to thank those people who enquired after my health it was most gratifying to know that people I have never met took time out to show compassion. However enough of that.

I have decided to offer some of my camera equipment for sale, I will be posting pictures of the items soon, initially there is a Canon EOS 100-400 zoom lens, and UV filter mint, a Canon EOS 20D with wrist strap, mint, Canon 2x EOS Tele - converter, mint, offers will be invited.

I also have a beautiful watercolour by Ian Bowles, depicting Long Tailed Tits in a winter scene this would enhance any room, but it must take pride of place, will picture it shortly.

Also a collection of books relating to birds which will be made available free to collector although to be fair I will limit this offer to four books per person obviously the first will have the pick.

Also are quite a few artist books on painting watercolours, oils and other media these will also be subject as to the bird books.

Genuine people only need apply.

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