22 Mar 2011

Bough Beech

We took a trip to Bough Beech on Sunday mainly to converse and deal with Kay Optiical, ended up with a Leica scope which I am very happy with, and a pair of Swarovski bino's and bought the little lady a very nice pair of Carl Zeiss bino's, set me back a bit never mind its only money,  I may be selling my Canon 400 zoom and 2x converter, thought I may invest in the Canon 800mm long lens.
The area Bough Beech is situated is very pretty country and we did appreciate the views, but I do not think I will be making anymore trips to that location, miss the Waders too much.


  1. Hi Dave, sounds like you got some top optics on your trip out, I was wondering if you do decide to sell your 400mm lens, if you could let me know, I've just saved and got a Canon body but now am starting save for a lens, hopefully with Image Stabilising and autofocus. Thank you, all the best, Alan Pavey.
    p.s. nice pics from Elmley.

  2. Hi Dave.
    hope your very happy with your new optics.
    Can you please tell me, is your x2 converter a Canon, and if it is can you use auto focus. Also will you be showing photo's of them if you do sell them?