16 Mar 2011

Monday 14.3.11 Took a trip to Sheppey the day started bright but it soon clouded over the wind went round into the east so became quite chilly, went first to Leysdown tide out, so were the birds, scoping it revealed large numbers of Oystercatcher. then on to Harty three marsh Harrier spotted but at distance, one Pied Wagtail at the Raptor viewpoint it must be his patch for he is always there, reticently I drove the rest of the way navigating a passage between ruts and high spots, I arrived at the Ferry House with exhaust pipe still intact I gandered the salt marsh with the bino's it was apparent by the noise that there were a great many geese feeding , the binos confirmed my thoughts correctly, revealing a large flock of Brent Geese, it was quite a sight.

On to Elmley driving as far as the farm, did not venture any further, three Redshanks were seen on the flooded fields, and the Lapwing were doing their very impressive courtship displays, one lone Little Egret was quite near the road along with a Grey Heron, three Little Grebe were diving on the flooded meadow to the right approaching the farm, and lastly a Cormorant was drying off his wings on a fence..

Summing up, not much to write home about, but it was nevertheless, a pleasant four hours at one with nature, below are a few pics of my trip.

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  1. Hi Dave.
    Sorry that you didn't see too much, the thing is, you just never know on the island, do you.
    I think it is a great place for birding. Better luck next time Dave.