6 Mar 2011

A close encounter.

This month to me is close to a hello goodbye time for some early birds, and a preparation for a goodbye to some winter visitors and a hello very shortly to some of our beloved summer visitors, I see on the blogs I follow that this inclement weather has not curtailed the wanderings of the most hardy of people who enjoy birding as a hobby, I must admit I am a little envious of those that can expose themselves to extreme temperatures and still function as a human being, those days for me unfortunately are a thing of the past, but visiting my local bloggers sites I do make myself aware of what is going on.

I have posted this picture which I took in 1968 for no other reason than I have not anything worth posting. This was a day out when I lived in Snodland, it features a mature stag Fallow Deer which for the moment he posed for this shot gives the impression of tranquillity, not quite, for after taking the shot, he took umbrage at our presence he stood up, and was joined by his subordinates who, along with him made very menacing gestures, we retired walking backwards to some tree's where we remained for a short while to allow normality to return and from the safety of our cover observed the reason for their behaviour, nonchalantly laying and basking in summer sunshine were about twenty females with fawns numbering about eight, had this encounter occurred in the wild, the resulting outcome may well have been different.

The shot was taken with an Exacta 11B with an F2 Tessar Lens and the venue is Knoll Park, Sevenoaks, it took first prize at Reed Paper Mills Photographic Society's annual exhibition of which I was an honorary member.

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