20 Jul 2010

Egret and a resting Ruff

These pictures are the only representation of my trip to Oare, Harty and Elmley, it was very hot and humid and the birds seemed to be feeling the same, virtually no movement of birds at any of the sites, I only made it halfway to the parking area at Elmley before turning round.

Quite a lot of Black Tailed Godwits at rest at Oare an amazing amount of Dragonflies and Damsels flitting about.

I placed an order for a moth trap today, am quite exited about trying it out. what would you lads consider is the best book for moth identification ?


  1. Once you start on those moths Dave, it will be the last time we hear of you - there's thousands of 'em :-)

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  3. Dave ,
    I have emailed my recommendation .

  4. Hi Dave.
    Good luck with your new moth trap when you get it. Look forward to seeing the pictures.