30 Jul 2010

Large Caterpillar

I have no idea what this is a Caterpillar of only that it eats at a an alarming rate with large waste pellets being deposited at the rear almost at conveyer belt speed in one end and out of the other.

This Caterpillar looks smaller than it is he is noshing my Arum Lily plant which has large leaves the length of the caterpillar is 6.5 centimetres and suspect not fully grown. I have thought of keeping it for a while, I have a goodly supply of Arum's.


  1. Not sure about the species' distributions down your way but try Drinker and Fox moths



  2. Great site and thanks for the pointer will be regular visitor

  3. it's a spitfire caterpillar. Why do I know? Because I just got stung by one and it really hurts!