12 Jul 2010

This and below, a Marsh Frog, Oare.9-7-2010

  • I love the emerald green these little feller's are dressed in, they may be Alien to this country but they are very striking and I should add, they are not alien to the menu's of the Heron and Marsh Harrier and probsbly Egrets when the frogs are small, so they do fullfill a purpose, still trying to figure the role of the Wasp.
  • A thought comes to mind, I have a pond and my English frogs are in the early stages of being frogs and are venturing out of the pond, I had an abundance of frogs spawn but I have never seen the spawn of the marsh frog and at Oare they are many in number, I find this strange or have they some other method of procreation, any thoughts?

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