31 May 2012

Elmley on Thursday 30-5-12

Trouble with sleeping, when that happens, only one thing to do, get Up, have a  cup of tea, my thoughts then turned to putting the day to good use, birding sprang to mind, then location, and Sheppey won, first stop rspb Elmley there were birds all over the place, first encounter was a hunting Short Eared Owl which loomed at me from over the seawall and settling in some rough, I thought this is going well, and it did, the toll was as follows.
Five Marsh Harrier, four Brown Hare,Umpteen Rabbits of various sizes, Tufted Duck sixteen, on wellmarsh, Avocets, two Reed Bunting, BH Gulls in profusion and so was the noise, two Shelduck, Reed Bunting, Reed Warbler, Shoveler, four Little Egret, one Heron, nine Skylark, one trapped Swallow in the gents toilet as a result of a screen being put up to save the mess, I opened one of the long windows and ushered him out.
The SE Owl was I suppose the highlight, and I have decided that late starts never caught the worm.

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