18 May 2012

Nice couple of hours 17-5-12

Couple of hours at RSPB ELmley on Thursday, took a few pics as seen below.

Birds seen were two Common Buzzard, possible Red Kite also seen by another birder two Marsh Harrier, avocets were way over east of Wellmarsh, two Canada Geese, dozen or so Greylag Geese, shelduck, Redshank, Tufted Duck, Oyster Catcher.

The Wellmarsh scrape was inundated with Black Headed Gulls they seem to have taken over the Avocets nesting places, whether in fact they would by, choice be there is debateable, as the feeding conditions for the Avocets is by no means ideal, the water is, after all this rain rather high, thus making easy feeding difficult for these birds.

In all and summing up I suppose the performing Redshanks were the highlight and thus have my vote.   

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