31 May 2012

Tribute to Gordon Allison

It’s a little belated, but only last week that I learned of the untimely premature passing of Gordon Allison warden of RSPB Elmley a very knowledgeable and respected man in all aspects of wildlife conservation.
Gordon was more than happy sharing his vast wildlife knowledge with anybody that was in anyway interested in nature, because that, is what he lived for,  dedicated and passionate about his work, serving the RSPB.
 He gave far more to the job than was ever demanded of him and the RSPB will be hard pushed in filling his position with someone as passionate.
His dedication to conserving and managing the North Kent Marshes will provide a lasting legacy for all, Gordon had so much more to offer the area, and he enriched the lives of many, including mine.
We and all God’s creatures will miss you. rest in peace.

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