4 Jun 2009

Damsel Fly

At first glance I thought these were a mating pair but I think it was shedding a skin would it be possible that this is the case.
My thanks to Greenie for the full biological history, all good stuff and learning something every day.


  1. Dave ,
    Trust your first impressions .
    These are a pair of Common Blue Damselflies mating .
    Once an adult , Damsel/Dragonflies do no shed any more , after having done it 5-8 times , depending on species , whilst in the larval stage . They only have 2/3 weeks as adults , so they have to get on with what they are put there for .

  2. Might have known him above would get here before me!!!! :-)

  3. Your just not quick enough out of the blocks Warren. Mr G must sit at his PC waiting for the blog reports to pop up, HaHa

  4. Hi All
    Good banter, Its what blogging is all about.
    Dave J.

  5. And also a thankyou to Greenie for the concise explanation correct as usual its nice to know I have such knowledgable and hallowed visitors to the site, and is very much appreciated.

  6. definitely a mating dave, just looked through your blog and thought !brilliant!,