13 Jun 2009

Preying Mantis

The posts below were taken in Spain Last year not as one would think in the depths of darkest Spain but on the promenade at Fenals, next to Lloret de Mar, as you can see the Manti are on a hedging bush well known in the UK, people were passing within a couple of feet of both lizards and manti, it was not until people saw me pointing a camera at a bush and not at the very pleasant view to say nothing of the scantilly clad female humans, that it drew a crowd, adults were interested, but the children were fascinated, all ended well with this particular Mantis becoming a photographic star.


  1. excellent photo dave of one of my favourite insects.

  2. Hi Denzil
    Glad to have made someone happy today, for me it's been one of those days, everything I attempted was doomed, never mind tomorrow is another day.