9 Jun 2009

Marsh Harriers

A degree of patience can be rewarded as you can see, taken at the Raptor Viewing car park, Harty.


  1. Dave ,
    Your Marsh Harrier shots make me very envious .
    They always veer off when they get into camera distance for me .

  2. Hi Dave. I like the shot of the M/Harrier with it's legs hanging. As it was quartering the field did it actually catch anything?

  3. Hi Ken
    On that occasion it had a miss and so did I ten minutes later while waiting for the Kingfisher to appear close by, it had circled round and dropped in and took away a marsh frog before I could bring my equipement to bear it was out of range.
    Good birding

  4. Hi Greenie
    To be honest 90% of the time that happens to me, I feel a bit the same way about your reptiles, but it is difficult to cover all aspects of wildlife to say nothing of the traveling.
    Good reptiling